Saves time in preparation

No mixing of the resins at the construction site

Fast application

Standardised processes lead to consistently good results.

All year use possible

Independent of the outside temperature - even at minus degrees

Extreme flexible during renovation

Sleeve misalignments are bridged


LED short lines renovation

Innovative light-curing sewer renovation

The new, innovative, light-curing short liner process is one of the Fluvius packer processes specially developed for the sectional renovation of sewers and pipes in closed construction. In a simple procedure without overlapping, individual damages such as longitudinal cracks and/or radial cracks in pipes with nominal widths of DN 100 to DN 300 made of concrete, steel, reinforced concrete, stoneware, fibre cement, cast iron and PVC with a prepreg length of max. 1,500 mm can be repaired quickly and in high quality. Longer individual damages can be repaired by the overlapping installation.

Specially designed for the sectional renovation of sewers and pipes, we offer you two different LED Packer basic units for different renovation lengths.

Prepregs and special translucent protective films

For the light-curing short liner process

The light-curing short liner process developed by Fluvius can be purchased as individual components or as a complete set. For space-saving and safe transport of the individual components, we also offer you stable aluminium boxes in various sizes, which are lined with foam mats. An extensive range of accessories also ensures the extremely flexible and safe use of the individual system components in daily use. Prepregs, accessories and individual components can be quickly reordered via the usual fast supply channels of Fluvius GmbH.

Do you have further questions concerning this light-curing process?

Then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to present this innovative product to you in detail.