Super Traction Wheels

increase the power transmission and increase the propulsive power of the robot

Improved performance

for smooth pipe materials and/or steep gradients


Traction wheels

for better propulsion of the rehabilitation robots

Super Traction Wheels

For the time being, the new super traction wheels were developed only for KA-TE/PMO robots. They increase the propulsive power of the robot. They are made of a high-quality, elastic synthetic material mixed with hard materials. The force is transmitted through these hard materials.

More power, more profit

The performance of the robot is significantly improved - especially with smooth materials and / or steep inclines. Tests have shown that the robot's power transmission is up to 3 times higher, depending on the pipe material. This means that the entry speed and the entry length of the robot can be significantly increased.

  • in stoneware or other smooth pipes
  •  in pipes already rehabilitated with an inliner*
  • in pipe runs with steep inclines

* No damage to the liner could be detected in previous tests. However, no liability can be accepted for damage.

  • constant forward thrust
  • long distances can be travelled without problems
  • better handling of slopes
  • more effective work,
  • mmore power and thus

Any other questions?

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