Sectional renovation

Optimum renovation results thanks to premium quality glass fibre mats

Fluvius glass fibre mats

with high impregnation behaviour and excellent mechanical & chemical properties


Fibreglass fabric mats

Carrier material for sectional sewer pipe renovation

multilayer fabric

2- to 3-layer fabric construction

woven carrier mat

for particularly high flexibility and stability

sewn fibreglass mat

Glass fabric roving with high absorbency or very good impregnation behaviour

Fluvius glass fibre fabric mats

Depending on the requirements, different glass fibre mats are used as carrier materials for resins. Fluvius woven glass fibre mats are characterised by excellent impregnation behaviour and outstanding mechanical and chemical properties. Further glass fibre mats are available on request.

  • CRF+ glas fibre

  • per
  • 2 to 3-layer glass fibre fabric mat
    (depending on material thickness)
  • CRF+ (chemical resistant)
  • 1,050 g/m² or 1,400 g/m²
  • Z-42.3-453 (in combination with our Fluvius 3P silicate resins)
  • CRF glas fibre
    for curved renovation

  • per
  • 2-layer glass fibre fabric mat
  • CRF (acid resistant)
  • 1,030 g/m²
  • Advantex®

  • per
  • Special glass fibre fabric mat
    based on Advantex technology
  • ECR
  • 1,086 g/m² or 1,368 g/m²
  • Z-42.3-523 (in combination with Willkat PL 3K resin system)