for setting HutlinerPacker®, cap profiles or short liners


Sewer rehabilitation procedure with DIBt approval


Schwalm HutlinerPacker®

patented, hand-made, universally applicable

The patented HutlinerPacker® are individually handmade in the Schwalm factory. They are inflatable hollow bodies made of rubber and metal with an optional side-mounted protrusion, the hat liner.

These special devices developed by Schwalm are used to press synthetic resin-impregnated short liners onto joints and crack formations in the main pipe and cap profiles in connection joints. The innovative sewer rehabilitation process has been granted general building authority approval by the DIBt.

The cap rubbers, available in different sizes, are connected to the HutlinerPacker® via a universal thread. HutlinerPacker® with a flexible pipe body can even be used in curved shafts, depending on the local conditions in the duct.

HutlinerPacker® are available in various sizes for main pipe diameters from DN 100 to DN 800. From 200 mm diameter, the HutlinerPacker® have a sufficiently large flow so that pumping of the wastewater is no longer necessary.

Pipe body

Rigid pipe body with flow

Packer intake

Removable, can be mounted on both sides, for easier insertion in narrow shafts

Cap rubber mounting

Universal thread for connecting the cap profiles to the HutlinerPacker®.

Transport wheels

Different versions depending on the size of the HutlinerPacker®.