Many useful components

the multitalent system can be extended many ways

High durability

Only high-quality materials are used

Modular design

Wear parts can be easily replaced


Accessories & spare parts

extensive range of accessories with many exchangable components

The Multitalent system®
high-quality & expandable

Our Multitalent systems have been designed so that they can be equipped with many useful attachment tools. The attachment tools are mounted quickly and easily directly on the construction site. This means that the Multitalent systems can be quickly adapted to different requirements. Wear parts can also be reordered and replaced quickly and cost-effectively,

This attachment tool for the FluviMiller® units can be used to cut off protruding liners.

With the lifting sets, pipes are cleanly ground, ground on or side inlets are ground on.

with the help of chain centrifuges deposits are removed and pipes are cleaned

made of hardened steel, milling cutters are suitable for cleaning harder deposits

suitable for the first opening in a completely closed tube

here you can find drive shafts as extension or as replacement

All tools around the FluviMiller family

here you can find different salvage tools for objects lying in the pipe

here you can find cleaning wire brushes and replacement brushes for the different twisters

here you will find ready-made product packages for immediate use

What exactly fits my FluviMiller?

We are happy to help with questions about compatibility of the individual attachment tools and with questions about specific applications and problems. Please do not hesitate to contact us.