Plugs & testing bubbles

for shut-off, diversion and pressure testing

Plugging & testing

Different types of plugs & bubbles were developed for use in different types of pipelines.

Many different types available

Fluvius offers a wide range of plugs, passage and test bubbles made by Sava for numerous nominal sizes, as well as the necessary accessories. Depending on the work to be carried out, plugs can be used for inspection, cleaning, maintenance and during repair work.

The high-quality Sava products offered by Fluvius are characterized by their long service life and thus high cost-effectiveness.

For shutting off sewer and wastewater pipes in various applications such as wastewater, gas or chemicals

Special stoppers for applications where a constant flow is absolutely necessary. Also suitable for wastewater, gas and chemical applications.

Drain stoppers are used for sewer cleaning and rehabilitation to shut off pressureless pipes.

Shaft bubbles with passage are used for leak tests for manholes.

Protective covers for Sava flow and pipe stoppers are suitable for protecting the plugs in case of damaged or sharp edges on the pipe.

durable bubble tube

Flexible rubber with aramid fibre reinforcement

fast connection
and filling

via compressed air quick-release coupling

pulling rings

for easy positioning by using air push rods and/or pulling rope

flow plugs

with vulcanised aluminium tube and female thread on both sides for attachment of Storz couplings

What kind of plugs are needed?

The selection ranges from single-dimensional inflatable pipe stoppers for sealing pipelines of one diameter to multi-dimensional pipe stoppers for sealing pipelines of different diameters. Pipe stoppers (plugy) can be used in sewage pipes to stop the flow or as back-up plugs for air tightness testing. Flow stoppers (plugsy), a threaded aluminium pipe is vulcanised into the rubber part, thus allowing the flow of waste water. If you have any questions regarding the individual product variants or a specific application, please do not hesitate to contact us.