Applicable in all pipe materials for pipe diameters from 36 to 475 mm


Larger sealing surface due to 2-fold sealing ring


Drain stoppers

for shutting off unpressurized pipes during renovation and cleaning

Blocking pressureless pipes

Drain stoppers are equipped with solid rubber sealing rings and are used in sewer cleaning and sewer renovation for blocking unpressurised pipes. They are clamped in the pipe by means of a thread device and thus completely seal the pipe.

All drain stoppers are manufactured with a passage that can be closed with a screw-on cap. Alternatively, a coupling for connecting a hose can be screwed onto the inch thread. They can be used in all pipe materials for pipe diameters from 36 mm to 475 mm.

Drain stoppers in standard design are equipped with an all-rubber sealing ring and are used in sewer cleaning and rehabilitation to quickly shut off pressureless pipes.

Absperrscheiben in doppelter Ausführung sind mit zwei Vollgummi-Dichtringen ausgestattet und haben dadurch eine größere Abdichtungsfläche als Absperrscheiben in einfacher Ausführung.

Other versions on request

If you need drains stoppers in other designs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly take care of your individual request.