Robot resins

EPOXONIC® special epoxy resins for robots

Shuttering bubbles

Bubbles of different sizes, bubbles with sheath, pass through bubbles

Traction wheels

Super traction wheels for KA-TE/PMO robots


Robot renovation

with tailor-made epoxy resins for special requirements

Special epoxy resins

The special epoxy resins for robots are produced by EPOXONIC GmbH. These epoxy resins have proven themselves in practical use since 1993 and have been continuously developed and adapted to current requirements. The many suggestions and tips from users - but especially from robot operators - have been taken into account, so that practical processing and function are guaranteed. In the meantime, you can always select the "tailor-made" resin for your application or special requirements.

Robot resins & accessories

EPOXONIC® epoxy resins have been specially developed for use with KA-TE robots and are also DIBt approved in this context. The robot resins are also available in "long can packaging".

Robot bubbles are available in different sizes depending on the application. A distinction is made between normal bubbles, bubbles with a jacket and pass-through bubbles.

Super traction wheels were developed for KA-TE/PMO robots. They increase the propulsion power of the robot. The unique composition of the tyre material ensures a unique power transmission and thus optimum traction.

Further accessories on request

If you need further accessories for the robot refurbishment, please do not hesitate to contact us.