Cleaning, grinding, milling, cutting and opening of side inlets with only one machine and the corresponding attachment tools.

Attachment tools of the Multitalent system

Twister, Spider, LinerCutter, Grippers, Cutters, Brushes and much more.


The multitalent system

for pre- and post-processing of the sewer pipes to be rehabilitated or rehabilitated and for classic drain cleaning

We offer you the right tools, machines and accessories for every area of renovation (section renovation, partial renovation, classic drain cleaning).

Should not be missing as basic equipment: Drive, control and shaft bearing combined in one unit

Cleaning, opening, removing, grinding and cutting

Cleaning of damaged clay and cast iron pipes

Cut off protruding liner protrusions

Remove deposits and clean pipes

Sanding, grinding, cleaning and polishing

First opening of completely closed pipes & possible side inlets

Salvage tools for objects lying in the pipe

as extension or replacement as well as corresponding accessories

All tools around the FluviMiller family

Ready-made product packages for immediate use

Wire, plastic and replacement brushes for Twister tools

Further accessories on request

If you need further machine configurations, attachments or even replacement materials, please do not hesitate to send us a message.