Preparation of liners

for bubble-free impregnation with resin

Preparation of liners

for high quality, long-lasting renovation results


Vacuum units

For uniform impregnation of liners

To ensure uniform impregnation of renovation liners, Fluvius offers electrically or compressed air driven vacuum systems. These are used to extract the air present in the liner. Thus the reaction resin can penetrate into all pores and the entire liner material can be impregnated bubble-free. For this purpose, the coating of the liner is cut in a controlled manner at some points depending on its length, the suction cup is placed on the cut zones and the air present in the liner is extracted by means of the vacuum system. The vacuum cuts are then sealed. Fluvius vacuum units are mobile and can be used on the construction site or indoors.

Vacuum pump

mobile, with handle for quick transport

Connecting hose

with suction cup for non-positive connection of pump & liner


The coating of liners is cut in a controlled manner at several points using a cutter

  • VT 4.10 / 230 V

  • per
  • 10 - 12 m³/h
  • 150 mbar
  • 0.37 - 0.45 kW
  • 16 kg
  • VT 4.16 / 230 V

  • per
  • 16 - 19 m³/h
  • 150 mbar
  • 0.55 - 0.66 kW
  • 22.5 kg
  • VT 4.25 / 230 V

  • per
  • 25 - 30 m³/h
  • 150 mbar
  • 0.75 - 0.90 kW
  • 26 kg

Which vacuum pump do I need?

If you have any questions regarding specific applications or required pump performance for certain liner sizes, please do not hesitate to contact us.