Short liner

Low cost process with DIBt approval

Leteral pipe renovation / Repiper

Renovation method for the leteral side connection


Sectional renovation

Low cost repair procedure in closed construction

Short liner renovation

The method of sectional renovation called "Fluvius KurzPacker" is a cost-effective repair method in closed construction.

Fields of application

Fluvius short packers are suitable for pipe and socket sections up to a length of approx. 5 m and a diameter of 35 mm to 1200 mm and can therefore be used in both private and public areas.

System components

The following components are used in the short liner process: Carrier materials for the resins, the so-called glass fibre fabric mats, resin systems matched to them, rehabilitation packers and accessories.

Different glass fibre fabric mats are used as carrier materials for resins, depending on requirements.

Cold-hardening 3P silicate resins are used for the sectional renovation process.

Extensive range of inflatable, multi-dimensional packers for short liner and inhouse renovation.

Wide range of necessary accessories for the renovation packers.

Further accessories on request

Fluvius GmbH offers an extensive range of necessary accessories for all renovation packers. If you need other accessories, please do not hesitate to contact us.