No more back pain

Fewer back and spine injuries!

No additional costs

The CoverUp Key replaces many other tools!

Less time consuming work

Up to 140 working hours can be saved annually!

No unnecessary effort

Force reduction up to 50% possible!


CoverUp Key

No more trouble opening stuck manhole covers!

Lifting out stuck manhole covers is usually not only time-consuming and expensive, but can also be extremely painful for your employees in the worst case! With the sophisticated technology of the innovative CoverUp Key, stuck access covers can be opened easily and without any problems. It is extremely easy to use and your employees need significantly less time for the preparatory work. It makes your company more efficient and saves you money and unnecessary sick leave!

But how does the CoverUp Key work?

The CoverUp Key's patented slide hammer technology provides optimal power transmission to open virtually any access cover quickly, safely and efficiently.

In combination with 15 available different attachments, which can be quickly mounted depending on the application, stuck covers are hammered open from below while being gradually pushed upwards.

Thanks to its unique, patented design, the impact of the slide hammer is absorbed by the cover to be released itself. This makes the CoverUp Key not only extremely effective, but also extremely safe to use. Your employees can maintain their upright position throughout use. This reduces the risk of back injuries to a minimum!

No more back pain

Back and spine injuries can be avoided that can easily be caused by standard procedures!

No additional costs

The CoverUp Key replaces many other tools needed to open stuck manhole covers!

No time consuming work

On average, the innovative procedure can save up to 140 man-hours per year!

No unnecessary force required

Thanks to the CoverUp Key, the amount of force required to loosen stuck manhole covers can be reduced by up to 50%!

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