EPOXONIC® epoxy resins

Special resins for KA-TE robots

Long can cartridges

All robot resins are alternatively available in convenient long cans


Resins for sewer robots

Special resins for robot renovation

Special resin types for sewer robots

The special epoxy resins for robots are produced by EPOXONIC GmbH. EPOXONIC® epoxy resins have proven themselves in practical use since 1993 and have been continuously developed and adapted to current requirements. The many suggestions and tips from users - but especially from robot operators - have been taken into account, so that practical processing and function are guaranteed. Meanwhile, you can select "tailor-made" resins for your specific requirement in practically any application. The use of the special epoxy resins in KA-TE robots is DIBt approved. (Approval No. Z-42.3-412).

Der Einsatz der Spezial-Epoxidharze in KA-TE Robotern ist DIBt zugelassen. (Zulassungs-Nr. Z-42.3-412)

Cartridge cans

Robot resins can alternatively be purchased in a "long can" packaging. This "long can" can be used as a cartridge can for PMO robots. It is also conceivable to use the cans - after appropriate modification - for KA-TE robots. The resins and filling quantities in the long cans are identical to the previous standard packaging. The advantage of using the "long can" is that refilling operations are avoided and the cleaning effort is considerably reduced. The extra costs for the cartridge can are also eliminated for the PMO robots. The use of the special epoxy resins in PMO robots is DIBt approved. (approval no. Z-42.3-412).

Der Einsatz der Spezial-Epoxidharze in PMO-Robotern ist DIBt zugelassen. (Zulassungs-Nr. Z-42.3-412).


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