Fluvius lateral sealingsystem

The Fluvius lateral sealingsystem is a lateral connection repair system particularly developed for damage repair in the area of lateral connections and/or for sealed inclusion of the damage after hose liner repair. Tightness and function of the damaged drainage system are restored, preventing e.g. infiltration of ground water into the sewer system and exfiltration of waste water into the soil. Furthermore, ingrowth of roots into the piping system is prevented.

The very compact and flexible design of the system allows for application above all for repair work within buildings, i.e. for in-house repair. If leaking waste water pipes are repaired early, damage such as damp walls and ceilings and the corresponding formation of mould will be reliably prevented. The pre-fabricated supporting materials are available in various sizes, variants and shapes such as T-liner and cap collars.

The Fluvius lateral sealingsystem with angles up to 90° can be used in main lines with DN 75 to DN 200 as well as in lateral connections with DN 50 to DN 200, having angles from 45° to 90°. Depending on application and requirements, epoxy or silicate resins can be used. Possible curing methods include cold-water and hot-water curing, as well as vapour curing.


Lateral Sealing