Pillow-shaped pipe stoppers

These multi-dimensional pillow-shaped pipe stoppers can be used for the plugging, diversion and pressure testing (air, water) and are lightweight and particularly flexible due to their simple construction and the use of top-quality materials. Hence, the largest inflatable pipe stopper with a diameter of 2000 mm can be inserted through a standard 60 x 60 cm drain without any problems. The inflatable pipe stoppers are characterised by easy handling, not only in round pipes, but also in egg-shaped and elliptical pipes. Thanks to the special rubber compound, good sealing is ensured in contact with the most varied materials such as e.g. concrete, plastic and iron. 

Small Plug Fluvi-Plug-Stop-Pillow Fluvi-Plug-Flow-Pillow
Discription Pillow-shaped inflatable stopper PLUGY Pilow Pillow-shaped inflatable stoppers PLUGY GM
Flow-through without with
Application area DN 600 bis DN 2200 DN 600 bis DN 2200