Elliptical pipe stoppers

These multi-dimensional inflatable pipe stoppers are suitable for the sealing or testing of water and gas pipes with limited entrance opening. The combination of a measuring and plugging stopper enables leak tightness tests of water and gas pipelines with air or water. Due to their high degree of elasticity, six different types can cover the range from DN50 to DN500 if used properly. All metals are made of rust-free and non-sparking materials. The innovative shape and flexibility allow easy application and ensure quality work from a single position. The inflatable pipe stoppers are resistant to high dynamic pressure and are characterised by their quality and durability. Two types of gas pipe stoppers are available: Measuring and plugging stoppers. 

Small Plug Fluvi-Plug-Flow-Elliptic
Discription Elliptical inflatable stopper PLUGY G
Flow-through without
Pipe diameter min. 45 mm / max. 500 mm