Plugging and test technology

Fluvius offers a wide range of inflatable plug, flow and test stoppers from Sava for numerous nominal widths as well as the corresponding accessories. 

These inflatable pipe stoppers are suitable for use in various types of pipelines. The selection of products ranges from individually dimensioned inflatable elements for sealing pipelines of uniform diameter to multi-dimensional inflatable stoppers for the sealing of pipelines of various diameters. Inflatable stoppers (Plugy) can be inserted in wastewater pipelines to close the flow, or as rear pipe inflatable stoppers for an air tightness test. Inflatable flow stoppers (Plugsy) have a threaded aluminium pipe vulcanised into the rubber section, thus allowing wastewater flow. These inflatable pipe stoppers can be used as inflatable front pipe stoppers during the air tightness test. Depending on the work to be carried out, these may be used for inspection, cleaning, maintenance and during repair work. The top quality products offered by Fluvius are characterised by their durability and therefore high degree of economy. Individual customer wishes can be taken into consideration during production.