Vacuum systems

Fluvius offers electrically or compressed air operated vacuum systems in order to ensure even impregnation of the hose liners. These expel the existing air in the hose liners. Hence, the reaction resin can penetrate into all pores and wet the entire liner material free of bubbles. For this, the coating of the hose liner is subjected to controlled cuts in several places depending on the length; the suction cup is positioned on the cut zones and the existing air is extracted through the liner. Fluvius vacuum systems are mobile and can be used on the building site or for indoor applications.

Vacuum systems VT 4.10/ 230 V VT 4.16 / 230 V VT 4.25 / 230 V
Max. intake 10 - 12 m³/h 16 - 19 m³/h 25 - 30 m³/h
Max. negative pressure 150 mbar 150 mbar 150 mbar
Power 0,37 - 0,45 kW 0,55 - 0,66 kW 0,75 - 0,90 kW
Weight 16 kg 22,5 kg 26 kg