Inversion units

Fluvius offers inversion drums in various sizes depending on the use in the pipe diameters to be renovated. Thus easy, trenchless renovation via cleaning holes, manholes and all known pipe openings is possible. All fluvius inversion drums are made of compositmaterial or stainless steel in combination with high-quality container steel and guarantee high service life and therefore a high degree of economy. They are suitable for hot and cold setting with water or air and are supplied with hot water circulation connections as standard. Furthermore, all fluvius inversion drums are equipped with wheels and can therefore be moved without applying a great deal of force.

type alpha type alpha 600 type beta type gamma
weight 28 kg 38 kg 50 kg 110 kg
outer dimensions (B x L x H) 598 x 750 x 815 mm 570 x 1020 x 960 mm 770 x 1335 x 1135 mm 1055 x 1530 x 1470 mm
service window 200 x 215 mm 200 x 215 mm 365 x 442 mm 395 x 590 mm
max.liner length DN 100/4mm=16m
DN 125/4mm=14m
DN 150/4mm=12,5m
DN 200/4mm=8m
DN 100/4mm = 40m
DN 125/4mm = 25m
DN 150/4mm = 25m
DN 200/4mm = 18m
DN 100/4mm = 55m
DN 125/4mm = 50m
DN 150/4mm = 45m
DN 200/4mm = 40m
DN 100/4mm = 150m
DN 125/4mm = 125m
DN 150/4mm = 100m
DN 200/4mm = 80m
DN 300/4mm = 50m
connection 6" Storz 6" Storz 6" Storz 8" Storz
safety relief valve 0,9 bar 0,9 bar 0,9 bar 0,9 bar
drum diameter 400 mm 600 mm 700 mm 950 mm
max. allowed working pressure 0,9 bar 0,9 bar 0,9 bar 0,9 bar
allowed cure media air, steam
or hot water
air, steam
or hot water
air, steam
or hot water
air, steam
or hot water
max. temperature 100 °C 100 °C 100 °C 100 °C