Fast processing

Due to fast curing with best adhesion properties

Time-saving application

No mixing of the resins, no manual impregnation of the carrier materials necessary

All year use

Temperature independent curing, low shrinkage

Flexible renovation

For example, socket offsets can be bridged


UV renovation

Innovative, light-curing renovation process

All year use

Thanks to the temperature-independent curing process, the innovative technology of UV renovation can be used all year round. The liners or glass fibre fabric mats are particularly flexible and show little shrinkage behaviour. The result is a particularly robust rehabilitation area with the best adhesive properties.

Process optimized results

The new light-curing renovation methods not only offer processors a particularly large time and cost advantage, but are also process and result-oriented compared to conventional methods. By using predetermined resin mixing ratios and shorter but defined curing times, renovation results can be standardized and thus improved. Furthermore, the equipment is immediately ready for use again after a short curing time.

time-saving in the preparation

fast curing

best adhesion results

low shrinkage